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What is FUNraiser and how does it work?

FUNraiser is a crowdfunding platform that makes it FUN to ask for a donation. It also makes it more meaningful and rewarding to donate. Here is how FUNraiser works, your campaign consists of a series of “Challenges”, A “challenge” is something you want to do for a donation. You set a minimum goal for each of them. Your challenge can be anything: Fun, Sentimental, Adventurous, Creative, or Philanthropic. You can have multiple challenges for your FUNraiser campaign, the more challenges you have, the more channels for you to collect the donations for your cause. The Donors- your friends, family, colleagues and fans can egg-you-on by donating money to your challenges.

Why FUNraiser is a fun way to raise money?

To make it more fun, the donors can also suggest challenges for you to do. If you like it you can add it to your list of challenges. That means you have one more channels to raise more money for your cause! The suggested challenges might get you into a bit of a shenanigan, and share a laugh with your donors. This bit of fun will create a collective efforts to achieve your goal. This enables the FUNraiser to give back to the donors, and share an everlasting experience together.

What can I raise money for?

Your cause can be for all occasions! You can use FUNraiser for your charity, your honeymoon, medical costs, Bar Mitzvah, your new business, for your pet, fixing your house or even sweet sixteen! The possibilities are endless!

Is there a fee and how much does it cost?

FUNraiser will deduct 1% of Funds Raised + 2.9% & $0.30 per transaction Credit Cards Processing Fees.

Are there any time limits?

No, your FUNraiser does not have any deadlines or time limits.

What if I don’t reach my FUNraiser goal?

No problem at all! You keep every donation you received for every challenge you complete

How does challenge FUNrasing Work

People donate to your challenges. After you complete your challenges, you receive the money to give to your cause

Do I have to complete my challenges

Yes you do. To collect the money pledged to each challenge, you must complete that challenge. If you can't complete a challenge for whatever reason, you can talk to your supporters about a modified challenge. They will most likely support you, but they are entitled to refund if you do not complete your challenge.

What is the story behind FUNraiser?

FUNraiser was created because we (Graham, Young and Kenneth) needed a way to raise money for a charity for a trip of a lifetime; the Mongol Rally. Fundraising has always felt like a chore both to the givers and the receivers. We found that traditional fundraising can result in annoying overlooked emails and outreach for great charities that our friends and family would otherwise love to donate to and be a part of. This can lead to many fundraisers paying their own charity donations out of pocket just to avoid uncomfortable conversations about money.
We wanted a fundraising process that was ... well just plain enjoyable. Why shouldn’t raising money for important causes be fun? Our goal was to create a platform that brings the fundraiser and the donor closer together. Having no access to this in our own fundraising experience, we decided to build it.

Is FUNraiser a Non-Profit?

No, FUNraiser is not a charity organization. You can use FUNraiser to raise money for charities or other causes.

How do people donate to a cause?

Supporters donate to a cause by contributing to any challenge of a FUNraising Campaign.
Supporters can donate by any major credit card
There are many ways to find a challenge to donate to
The most common is receiving an email, text, or Social Media post with a link to the websites donation page
Users can also browse featured FUNraisers to donate to from the learn more link on the Mobile App or on the homepage of the website

How long do FUNraisers have to complete challenges?

Challenges should be completed with 18 months.

How do Users get funds?

Users a.k.a. Campaign Administrators a.k.a. FUNraisers receive funds via paypal, amazon payments or direct checks once the FUNraiser is completed